Information About COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global phenomenon whose impact affects us all as humans and society.

From Aïr, we would like to answer some of the main questions we have received from our customers and the online community. We hope it will be useful to you in this difficult time.

Will a mask protect me?

The use of face masks does not guarantee that you will not get sick; viruses can also be transmitted through the eyes and suspended viral particles can penetrate the masks. However, masks are effective in capturing droplets, which is one of the main routes of transmission of the coronavirus. Some studies estimate that masks provide five times more protection than not wearing a mask. If you show symptoms, or have been diagnosed, wearing a mask may also protect others.

Protective masks are crucial for health care workers who care for patients. Masks are also indicated for family members who have to care for sick patients. In both cases, both parties must wear protective masks.

Source: University of California San Francisco

Which mask to use?

Most of the masks available to the public are surgical masks or respirators. Surgical masks are intended for medical use and are intended to spread the particles on the breath. They are to prevent direct spread. However, they do not provide protection against inhaling small airborne particles and are not considered respiratory protection.

Respirators are industrial-type masks designed to properly seal and filter out small particles that are inhaled by the wearer. Respirators are the way to go to protect yourself and filter out airborne particles. Filtering capacity masks rated N95 or higher reduce the user's exposure to particles that include small particle aerosols and large droplets (only oil-free aerosols), and filter at least 95% of the particles in the air. When properly fitted, minimal leakage occurs around the edges of the respirator when the user inhales.

 Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Does the City Aïr Face Mask protect against infection?

Aïr masks and any other masks are unable to ensure 100% effective protection against viruses and other pathogens. The City Aïr mask was initially conceived for the protection of large particles in suspension such as pollution in cities or dust in suspension loaded with mites. We want to be clear and transparent so as not to guarantee total safety against the virus. We recommend using the City Aïr Mask as an extra second layer of protection.