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Air Face Mask founder and wife at Sahara desert

The trip that changed everything

In the winter of 2018, founder Oscar and his wife Maria travelled to the Aïr Mountains in the southern Sahara desert. On the third day of the expedition, they had to take refuge in a Tuareg village near the town of Agadès, after a severe sandstorm that interrupted all plans for their expedition. This experience would change their lives.

It was not until his subsequent journey through southeast Asia that Oscar realized the unstoppable advance of the deterioration of our planet and how this is affecting the health of millions of people around the world. He had to do something;

On his return from Asia, Oscar worked on designing a 100% functional and attractively designed mask for city life. This is how City Aïr Face Mask was born with the objective of making people's lives healthy while making the world aware of the need to change our fast pace of destruction.

That is why, since 2019, the Aïr Face Mask brand has set itself the goal of working actively to raise awareness and to spread the message of respect and care for the planet; are you joining us?

Aïr Face Mask founder signature